Functional Medicine Consultation

Your first Functional Medicine evaluation is a 90 minute consultation in which we take time to understand the core imbalances that cause your chronic conditions.

A functional medicine approach to health focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Instead of just treating symptoms, we seek to alleviate them by finding and addressing the underlying cause. We call this true healing.

Functional Medicine Consultations involve an extremely comprehensive health assessment, timeline of evolving symptoms, and innovative testing to uncover root causes of chronic health challenges.

Functional medicine packet

25 page packet that gives us a detailed base history of you.


Collection of old records

It is imperative to have these records so we can see your health history progression over time.


90 minute appointment

A thorough physical exam is completed and an initial action plan is developed. This appointment will be scheduled once we receive your functional medicine packet and medical history. Your appointment can be over the phone, through video conferencing on your computer, or in person.

Lab Work or Other Testing

If labs or other diagnostic testing is needed, you will be able to choose if you would like to complete them or not, and the results will be sent to the patient portal with a message. 

Follow-up appointment

Includes a review of the lab work you had completed, and detailed nutrition and supplement plan. We will concentrate on further refinement of your action plan as well. Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes long. We recommend reassessing symptoms and possibly labs at 3 month intervals.

Coordination of Care

Dr. Milano can also work with your specialist or primary care physician to coordinate care.  


functional medicine evaluation
functional medicine consultation

We are currently accepting patients worldwide.