Meet the Provider

Dr. Kayla Milano

Dr. Kayla Milano is a board-certified family medicine physician, with specialty training in functional medicine. She is a native of Placer County, California. She went on to do her undergraduate studies in New York City and Fordham University and NYU. She completed her residency in Family Medicine in Appleton, WI. Upon graduation from residency, before opening Heal MD, she worked for 2 years in a traditional outpatient family medicine practice. In this setting she treated chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, high cholesterol, obesity), provided women’s health services, and acute care services. It was during this time she realized her true passion was working with patients to reverse their chronic diseases. She wanted to have more time to dedicate to nutrition, supplementation, movement, and mindfulness in her interventions with patients. She also became aware of the world of functional medicine, and began taking continuing education classes through the Institute of Functional Medicine. She learned about advanced testing options for patients with symptoms not explained by traditional labs. She is passionate about partnering with her patients to help them heal. 

dr kayla milano

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